09 October 2006

Jaegers zu Fuss at the Gallop!

I managed to get in another couple of hours painting last night. Only six figures left waiting for their light blue turnbacks to be finished. That was a tedious job and my hands were not particularly steady last night. Too much coffee after dinner? Hmmm, I wonder ;-)

So, I changed tack and moved to something larger and easier. I decided to complete all brown shoulder packs, followed by the khaki-colored haversacks hanging just below the shoulder packs.

Well, the Jaegers zu Fuss look very nice now. Most large areas requiring color of some kind are finished. Here’s a rundown of the remaining areas in need of paint:

1) Turnbacks on last six figures

2) Musket stocks

3) Musket Barrels

4) White Shoulder Straps for Shoulder Packs

5) Khaki Shoulder Straps for Haversacks

6) Small White Straps on Brown Should Packs

7) Brass Plates on Cartridge Pouches

8) Brass Pommels on Swords and Tips of Scabbards

9) Small Dashes of Yellow Lace on Cuffs and Exposed Right Side of Coats

10) Brown Colonel’s Horse and Black Reins/Harnesses

11) Any Necessary “Touch-ups” (to cover mistakes as the result of tired eyes and hands)

12) Clear Coat (or two) of Future Floor Polish

And that’s it! I’ve got my test figure sitting just to my left right now, and I think these 12 steps will do it. If I complete a little work each evening through this next week, it’s attainable.

I’ve got some incentive to wrap things up too with the Jaegers zu Fuss. My wife is busy preparing this week for a four-day conference out of town, beginning this Thursday. So, I’ll have a bit of extra time in the evenings. More pressing is the LOOMING next batch of about 50 student essays, which will swamp me as of Friday. Reading and grading those will absolutely suck up all available time the week after, so I’d really like to finish my Jaegers ASAP. Finally, on the other side of the essays, I have some 25mm MiniFig cannon and Revell Austrian SYW artillery figures waiting to become the first two-gun battery of The Grand Duchy of Stollen’s small army. And then there are those six mounted MiniFig and RSM95 general and ADC figures. . .


Bluebear Jeff said...

Yikes! It always seems like there is soooooo much detail to add when it gets listed like that.

Any chance of some "in process" pictures?

-- Jeff


Grand Duchy of Stollen 1768 said...

Photos are on the way -- I promise!


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