08 October 2006

Cookin' along on the Grand Duchy of Stollen's Jaegers zu Fuss!

Just concluded a nice painting session on the Jaegers zu Fuss. The drum shells are a light blue and the hoops are bright yellow. This matches the yellow coat lace and blue facings I painted on the drummers’ uniforms yesterday afternoon. Although nothing is completely finished yet, my drummers look striking!

Last night, I completed the lace around the top of each tri-cornered hat, gold for the officers and NCO’s and bright yellow for the enlisted men. Since it’s plain which figures will function as the NCO’s, I’ve decided to leave the gaiters for all ranks black in this particular unit of infantry. After all, I’ve not been able to find any pictures of historical units of 18th century jaegers who had white gaiters in my Funcken, Mollo, or Men-at-Arms sources.

Oh, and I’ve also painted the brown shoulder packs on seven of the figures too. It’s always neat once the faces, hair, and headgear are finished – a group of miniature figures really starts to look like a real unit of men – at least to my eyes.


MurdocK said...

Time for a picture or two methinks Stokes!


Bluebear Jeff said...

I agree with Murdock.

-- Jeff



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