08 September 2006

There's intrigue afoot in imaginary corners of Europe!

Later. . .

While I’ll be away camping this weekend, my troops from the Grand Duchy of Stollen will stand watch along the frontier. As of now, all seems quiet. But there's nevertheless a lot going on in the Principality of Saxe-Bearstein and the Duchy of Alzheim. Take a look at Jeff's thoughts on basing his figures at: http://saxe-bearstein.blogspot.com/ Meanwhile, in another isolated corner of "Imaginary 18th Century Europe", Greg provides us with an interesting conversation between two vaguely French-sounding officers as they enjoy too much wine and speculate on the coming battle with Vulgarian troops camped across the valley. Read more about the unfolding situation at: http://mavisming.blogspot.com/

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Bluebear Jeff said...

Since the posts on basing and infantry basing, I've posted a bunch of photos of a Great Northern War battle.

I still have my Cavalry basing to discuss, but that will be in a day or two.

-- Jeff


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