14 September 2006

A "New and Improved" Campaign Map!!!

Here is a "new and improved" version of the campaign map I posted a couple of days ago. I hope it is large enough to see here!

I've added many lakes (based on our beloved Minnesota and the Polish/Baltic region) as well as the three major cities in the region. Locations of the smaller cities and towns in the more inconsequential principalities have been left to the imagination for now. The area depicted covers approximately 100 square miles.

Some of you might recall that Pillau-Zerbst's Princess Valerie was sighted cavorting publicly with Prince Ruprecht II in Hissig, Electorate of Zichenau last spring, sparking the latest round of foment in this corner of Europe. Keep an eye out for the couple -- She's beautiful but scheming while he's a dastardly cad.

Why the French mercenary General Phillip de Latte wants Valerie back is anyone's guess! How Ruprecht II has escaped having his throat cut in various duels with the brothers of spurned lovers and cuckholded husbands is equally vexing. Both Valerie and Ruprecht should be considered dangerous.

The pair have not been seen in Hissig for several weeks now. Rumors abound as to their true whereabouts. Certain unreliable sources have it that the lovers are holed up in Saxe-Bearstein while others place them in the Electorate of Vulgaria. Either speculation seems doubtful, but this has not stopped tongues wagging. Still others maintain that Valerie and Ruprecht have instead set up house in the Duchy of Alzheim as temporary guests of the Duke there. In any case, if seen please send word to the court at Krankenstadt, Grand Duchy of Stollen immediately!


Poruchik said...


That is an excellent map. Clearly the area I thought was a lake is actually the historically disputed area. What software did you use to create it? I'm looking for good map making software at the moment.

As to the where abouts of Pillau-Zerbst's Princess Valerie and Prince Ruprecht II, I can assure you that they have not taken refuge in the Electorate of Vulgaria, at least not to our knowledge.

Major Poruchik
Intelligence Officer
Electorate of Vulgaria

Grand Duchy of Stollen 1768 said...

"Herr Major Poruchik",

Thanks for your kind words. Please have a look at my latest entry to the blog for more information on how I created the new map.


"The Grand Ducke of Stollen"

Bluebear Jeff said...

Prince Bruno V of Saxe-Bearstein has directed me to tour the many inns and taverns of the Pricipality in order to determine if Princess Valerie and her "escort" are here.

Unfortunately, due to the vast number of such places, it may be some time before their presence might be established.

Nevertheless I will endeavor to carry out my mission (which is somewhat in the nature of a reward) to the best of my abilities.

-- Jeff, Sribe to Bruno V


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