13 September 2006

Just a small update and. . . a campaign map!!!

My second round of six bottles of GW paints arrived a short while ago along with a large (and I mean LARGE) box of Warhammer figures and scenery that I did not order and, fortunately, for which I was not charged. Still, I had to call Games Workshop to let them know about their error and arrange for United Parcel Service to pick up the small army of figures at no charge to me. But anyway. . . The paint is here, and that’s what counts.

I made a big push to finish trimming the mold lines away from my next unit – Stollen’s Jaegers zu Fuss. All 32 figures are now trimmed and glued to their temporary bases, awaiting their coats of Elmer’s glue and black Liquitex acrylic. Since I’ll have about 50 undergraduate papers to read and grade (a largely thankless task, I assure you) this coming weekend, it seems unlikely that I’ll be able to do this before next week. As a result, it seems that meeting the September Painting Challenge at OSW seems increasingly unlikely. But I’ll make a big push next week and the following weekend and see how far I get before October 1st.

Finally, my amazing (and technologically adept) wife, Sonja, scanned my rudimentary campaign map yesterday at her office. I will eventually redraw it, but the basic form and colors will remain the same. You can see easily from the finger smudges that I’ve never outgrown sketching with artists’ pencils and coloring. Like many of you, I suspect! I hope you enjoy my attempts at providing a somewhat more concrete representation of the political geography of Stollen, Zichenau, Pillau-Zerbst, et al. Until later then. . .


Poruchik said...

Very Nice Stokes! Inspirational.

Now I suspect if that lake were extended a bit further south, you potentially would find neighbors. Oh perhaps the Duchy of Alzheim and the Electorate of Vulgaria.


Bluebear Jeff said...

I like maps.

But interestingly enough, I'm developing a "mapless" campaign system for the "Wars of Arcadian Glory" (our eventual local 18th century campaign).

I suppose I'll float it on my blog one of these days.

-- Jeff



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