05 September 2006

And So The Work Continues. . .

I fixed my problematic flag last night by painting over the center in orange again. Then, I got busy and painted a light blue ring around the orange lozenge and gold grenades outlined in black in each arm of the large orange cross. Despite no center design, the flag – excuse me, the “standard” – looks interesting and eye catching. I might simply leave it as is.

My next two units, soaked and later scrubbed in soapy water on Saturday and Sunday this passed weekend, were all dry yesterday, so I examined them more closely and began trimming the mold lines off one of the firing musketeers. Unlike the marching pose figures that now make up the 2nd (Von Laurenz) Musketeers, there seems to be considerably less flash and mold line to trim carefully away from this batch, even though they are from the same sprues!

I’ll organize the new batch of figured – 43 figures total – into two units. First, a 32-figure unit, according to Young and Lawford, which will eventually become the Jaeger zu Fuss battalion in the Grand Duchy of Stollen’s tiny army.

Next, the other group of 13 figures is an artillery company (12 men plus a mounted colonel), who will become the artillery of same army. I’ve ordered some MiniFig 25mm field guns from Tom Dye at GFI in Colorado since the guns that came with the sets of Revell 1/72 SYW Austrian Artillery are inadequate.

Now, while it might seem odd pairing 1/72 (nominally 20mm) with 25mm equipment, the situation is not as problematic as it might seem. The Revell figures measure 25-26mm from base to brow and are markedly taller than other manufacturers’ 1/72 figures. Since MiniFigs have not been affected by scale creep as much as certain other newer manufacturers, it seems like there will be little if any discrepancy. I’ll let you know once the guns (along with some mounted generals and ADCS) arrive.

In any case, a look through Charge! shows that Young and Lawford’s armies contained figures from several manufacturers. When viewed in mass though any slight difference in figure size is not readily apparent. I might even persuade myself to paint up a few mounted RSM figures I ordered as samples last winter although they are considerably taller and heftier than my Revell figures. It does seem a shame to relegate these charming miniatures to the “extras box”!

1 comment:

Bluebear Jeff said...

By all means, paint those RSM cavalry figures.

Either that or send them to me! The army of Saxe-Bearstein can always use more cavalry.

I've got my flag patterns posted at my blog . . . but I haven't been able to paint any of my RSM figures because we are in the process of moving (meaning everything, including my paints, is in storage).


-- Jeff


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