01 September 2006

Almost -- but not quite -- finished!

Not quite finished with the Von Laurenz Musketeers – Groan!!! My four-course teaching load this semester got in the way of my painting a bit this last week. BUT, we have a three-day weekend here in the USA beginning this afternoon, so I’ll be able to wrap things up easily. As mentioned, just muskets, barrels/bayonets, the central flag design, and the flag cords/tassels to do. Then it’s a couple coats of Future floor polish followed by a Kodak moment AND the much sought after photos will be posted here. Thanks to those of you who’ve visited here and requested pictures. They are on the way – I promise!

Next in line is a 32-figure unit of light infantry – Stollen’s Jaegers zu Fuss – who will be painted in dark green coats with light blue facings and turnbacks. They stand ready for a bath in warm soapy water followed by a liberal coating of Elmer’s Glue, which I also hope to complete this weekend. It’s gonna be a busy few days, but I’m looking forward to it.

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