20 September 2006


Well, I've managed to get my next unit basecoated with one coat of black Liquitex -- Stolen's Jaegers zu Fuss. Hopefully, the second coat will go on much faster. The problem is that reading, grading, and providing extensive comments on all of these student papers has sucked up all of my time during the passed few days. I'd hoped to get in an hour working on these figures last night, but I was so tired by 9PM that reading for a little while in bed seemed more appealing. It's something about the level of concentration and mental energy required. In any case, the lack of free time and corresponding lack of progress has me a little down at the moment. Aaarrrggghhh!

On a more positive note, the weather has turned quite cool here in Central Illinois, and autumn is officially on its way in a day or two. Good. Fall is my favorite time of year. Crisp weather, hot chocolate, gourds, and, eventualy, colorful leaves. It just does something for you, you know?

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