24 August 2006

Careening toward the OSW "September Challenge" Finishline!

I managed to finish the orange turn-backs on the final company this morning. In addition, I went ahead and painted the white cords on the now almost completed drummer for the third company. As predicted, with its orange hoops and white cords, the drum is striking. It’s even more impressive with the drummer! Next step: the white straps and shoulder belts, followed by the blue highlights for the coats, and finally the white loops of lace on the coats. Miraculously, I've made no serious mistakes with the paintbrush! Go Figure -- Hey, was that a pun?

Later. . .

I’ve just finished painting the white straps for the haversacks and knapsacks. Yes! My wife and I are headed to a colleague’s for drinks this evening, so the shoulder belts and blue highlights on the coats will have to wait until tomorrow evening. Still, I feel like I’ve managed to get in a couple of good painting sessions today – unusually for a Thursday! You know, I might actually just be able to get these little guys finished by September 1st!

On another note, stay tuned for a campaign map of the Grand Duchy of Stollen and its neighbors. I’ve sketched one that I’m happy with and will scan it shortly for posting here

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