27 August 2006

Almost there. . .

I’m almost there! In keeping with my painting pledge made on OSW at the end of July, the 2nd (Von Laurenz) Musketeers are almost finished. A marathon four hour session yesterday afternoon enabled me to complete the shoulder belts, blue highlights on the coats, and the white drum cords on the third and final company of the regiment. They look pretty darn good for my first attempt at painting soft plastic figures.

Here’s what remains to finish in the next few days:

  • Musket Stocks
  • Musket Barrels/Bayonets/Spontoons
  • Gorgets/Sashes/Stirrups on Mounted Colonel
  • Stirrup Straps
  • Center of Flag
  • Black Touch-ups
  • Spray Coat of Dullcote
  • Protective Varnish

Hopefully, I can knock off several of these remaining steps today.

For your information, I’ve used a combination of media on these figures, turning to a mix of primarily acrylics along with a few oils and, in the case of the figures’ bases, a green shade of enamel by Humbrol. My earliest basecoat was diluted white Elmer’s glue followed by a coat of black Liquitex. “What? A black base coat? Shock, horror, gasp!!!” The Liquitex goes on so well that I may forgo the Elmer’s next time and instead rely on two successive coats of the black. Even when one slops it on thickly, it dries closely and obscures few if any detail on the figures.

I’m still not decided on what I’ll use to protect my work on these figures. Maybe a satin finish Minwax or of small bottle of Future floor polymer -- although a spray can of Krylon has its own attraction too. Stay tuned. . .

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