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A few different figures from the GD of S collection.  From left to right: a Minden Prussian hussar, painted as a member of Lauzun's Legion; An RSM95 Austrian cuirassier; A Holger Erisksson dragoon, painted as a member of the Volunteers de Prusse; and a Spencer Smith dragoon, painted more or less as, well, an 18th century Swedish dragoon.

Battle of Teodorstal, July 1770.

Zichenauer Generals on southern edge of Teordorstal.

Stollenian Generals on northern side of the valley.

Zichenauer and Stollenian cavalry mix it up at western end of Teodorstal.

Stoellenian second line advances across valley.

Stollenian generals watch the Zichenauer general staff argue amongst themselves across Teodorstal.

Stollenian grenadiers march on village of Saegewerkdorf, April 1769.

The sawmill already in their hands, Stagonian forces advance to occupy village of Saegewerkdorf.

The sleepy village of Pickelhaubewicz, deceptively quiet the night before battle commences, November 1768.

Fresh from the painting table, Zichenaur hussars charge into Pickelhaubewicz unopposed.

Bitter fighting soon breaks out between Zichenauer and Stollenian troops for the possession of Pickelhaubewicz.

Zichenauer forces advance with colors flying and bands playing at the start f the Action at Pelznikkel, August 1768.

Stollen's 2nd (von Laurenz) Musketeers march toward Pickelhaubewicz in bright summer sunshine.

The Army of Zichenau, poised to cross the Lesser Zwischen River and invade the Grand Duchy of Stollen at the star of the Action at Zollamtstadt Bridge, December 1767.


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