The Inspiration

Besides Charge! and The War Game, additional inspiration for the ongoing Grand Duchy of Stollen project has come, in no particular order, from a variety of more recent titles by Charles S. Grant, the late Peter Gilder and his fabulous collection of Napoleonics at the old Wargames Holiday Centre, Phil Olley's 'Classic Wargaming' approach, various developments and events over the last several years in The Duchy of Alzheim, and the BIG battalion SYW-era maneuvers of Bill Protz and Jim Purky.  Henry Hyde's Wars of the Faltenian Succession campaign, too, and his collection of vintage Spencer Smith miniatures have provided ample stimulus during those more trying times.  The brushwork of John Preece, Doug Mason, Phil Robinson, Bill Gaskin, et al has encouraged me to stretch my painting muscles and try new approaches.  Finally, the first dozen issues of Miniature Wargames from the early 1980s as well as the May 2006 refight of Sittangbad, staged by The Wargamers at Partizan in The U.K. continue to spur me on whenever my enthusiasm flags a bit.


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