The Figures

The armies of Stollen and Zichenau include figures from the defunct range of Revell SYW plastic 1/72 figures, many 30mm by RSM95 (ex-Pax Britannica, currently marketed and sold as 25mm), and a unit of infantry from the sadly inactive 30mm Huzzah range, along with others by Spencer Smith, Holger Eriksson, Minden Miniatures, and a few from Miniature Figurines plus some staff, generals, guns, and wagons from Fife & Drum Miniatures.  At some point, I hope to add a few more figures by Suren/Willie and Stadden/Tradition to the Grand Duchy of Stollen collection.  Ah, buying and painting more figures. . .  It's like a sickness.  Cover your eyes!  I'm hideous!


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