Campaign Personalities

Grand Duke Irwin-Amadeus II, The House of Schöning-Ochsenknecht und Meckerfritz zum Stollen -- Considered something of a popinjay by his household staff and many of the ministers surrounding him, here's the Grand Duke sans his much-loved lobster costume, with two left claws, at the behest of his ever-patient and long-suffering English manservant Hives, who holds that a gentleman should never, ever. . . ever present himself publicly while dressed as a large crustacean.

Gerald Arthur Hives -- The personal valet to Irwin-Amadeus II, the English-born Hives has been in the employ of the Grand Duke for almost a decade. Hives often responds to the Grand Duke's odder ruminations, remarks, and observations with a cool, "Indeed, Sir." or equally, "Very good, Sir."

Freiherr Heinz von dem Salat -- The Prussian ambassador to Stollen, von dem Salat is less stern and more corpulent than is apparent from his portrait. He enjoys a good joke, spends much time each week heading off the Grand Duke's requests for Prussian military aid, and speculates often, "When's lunch?"
Freiherr Heinrch Schattzi von Pelznikkel -- One of a small group of ministers close to Irwin-Amadeus II, von Pelznikkel drew the short straw and as a result had to march his Grand Duke into the palace fountain at the end of a 10' bargepole for a much-needed bath, during the Great Losbster Costume Affair, as it came to be known, in the early summer of 1767.
Frau Katrina-Bettina von Heffelfinger -- The society page editor for Die Krankenstadt Tageblat, Frau von Heffelfinger frequently pens short articles about the military exploits of the Stollenian Army and the personal misadventures of Grand Duke Irwin-Amadeus II.
Princess Antonia III of Zichenau, The House of Lauterbach-Pfefferhassen und Taxis -- The nefarious ruler of the Electorate of Zichenau, Princess Antonia has always been suspected of murdering the former head of state, her adult son Prince Ruprecht I, in early 1768 by poisoning the fig tree from which he picked fruit to enjoy with breakfast each day.

General Phillipe de Latte -- A veteran of the Seven Years War, de Latte now spends his time as a mercenary-adventurer of sorts. He is also something of a dandy with a strong predilection for expensive English and Italian bespoke footwear. The de facto consort of Princess Antonia, de Latte conspires with her to reduce the Grand Duchy of Stollen to a completely subordinate role on the political stage of Post-SYW Europe.


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