02 December 2018


My level of frustration this morning thanks to Blogger's quirks.

If you have received a strange email from me recently to the tune of "Is this thing on?", please excuse it and disregard.  I tinkered around with things for an hour or so yesterday (Saturday) to see if I could address problems with leaving a comment on my own and others' blogs.  Sadly, no dice.  

Here's the story in short.  Since roughly mid-November, I have not been able to comment on others' posts in the blogosphere, or at least not those using the Blogger platform.  Needless to say, it is more than a little frustrating.  After over a dozen years of using Blogger -- a period in which I have never experienced any of the bugs, quirks, and hacks sometimes described by other bloggers -- it seems the platform is failing me, or rather my level of technical inexpertise is failing me.  

I might just have to explore Word Press if the problem does not sort itself out before long, which would be a shame given the amount of material amassed here.  Arrgghh!!!  Stay tuned for further updates.

We now return you to your regular programming.

-- Stokes


Thanks to Allan for his suggestion to clear out my browser cache.  That seems (for now?) to have solved the problem nicely, and I am up and running again, able to leave comments on others' blog posts.  Thank you again, Allan!


Allan Tidmarsh said...

Two possible things you could try
- try clearing you browser cache
- sign out of blogger then sign back in
Hope you find a solution to you commenting problem

I had a problem replying to comments recently, it was browser related - I could do it in Chrome but not Safari.


The Good Soldier Svjek said...

Blogger des have it's problems - always trying to 'improve' things , but not had this problem of yours ?

Wellington Man said...

I've also had issues, Stokes, and have also been told from time to time that some browsers are incompatible with Blogger. The signing out and signing in again sometimes works. I also found that I had to remove and then resubmit my own contact info to get everything to work again.

nobby said...

I clear my browser cache every couple of weeks and haven't been able to comment on most blogger sites for most of this year.
I do not believe it is a problem with Safari.

Chris Kemp said...

The big advantage of wordpress is the unlimited page facility.

Regards, Chris


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