23 July 2017

Plugging Away. . .

 Not much to look at at just yet, but plugging away with the first squadron and two regimental command figures.

A quiet, calm Sunday afternoon here in the Grand Duchy of Stollen.  The Grand Duchess and Young Master are out doing something at a local nature preserve, so I have taken the opportunity to give Zum Stollenkeller a much needed spiffing up (dusting and the Hoover) before getting back to applying some paint.  Before the glaze of  London Red Alkyd oil, an undercoat of acrylic yellow (red oil glazes over a whiter undercoat don't look right. . .  not exactly pink, but definitely not red enough), which I'll wrap up after finishing this post.  OK, time to quit blathering on get back to work!  There is just slightly more than a month left of summer vacation, and still so much to accomplish. . .  including another solo game, during which I'll playtest the latest version of my Call It Macaroni! rules  More of which anon.

-- Stokes

 I came across this great old Knoetel plate a couple of weeks ago, which provides one more useful guide to painting this first squadron although I may keep my bearskins brown since there is so much black as part of these uniforms already.  One of the very old plates in a previous post also has a bearskin with a distinct brownish cast to it, so I eel somewhat justified if that is my ultimate decision.

The second squadron of the RSM95 cavalry above will be painted in this uniform, worn by the Wurttemburg Cavalerie in the French army.  Here, I think the black bearskin is in order since black will not exactly dominate the color palette to quite the same degree as in the above plate.


Stryker said...

I think those figures are going to look very smart. I'm intrigued that you paint them ready mounted in pairs, don't you find that obstructs the brush on the inner sides?

Ross Mac rmacfa@gmail.com said...

No no! Black all they way! Not only will it help tie the various squadrons together, the black bearskins will balance the black boots and enhance the whole look.


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