13 June 2015

Two Companies of Minden Pioneers Finished!

The freshly glossed (two coats) Minden Pioneers and equipment.  The photograph is a bit bright, but since much of my usual lighting is packed away now, I overcompensated in Photoshop, so everything would show up without difficulty.

Whew!  Saturday has never felt so good.  We have had a packing crew here for two long days this Thursday and Friday.  The load-up and departure of our belongings is Monday, and we head for Michigan Tuesday midday after the cleaning ladies have finished giving everything the once-over.  In the meantime, I have managed to finish the current and final painting project for a while.  With any luck, I'll have time for some better lightbox photos tomorrow, and then I get to pack the last remaining bits into  couple of book boxes filled with styrofoam peanuts.  

While these latest figures are definitely not perfect, I'm calling 'em done.  If you squint your eyes a bit, and remove your glasses if you wear them, they don't look half bad.  In any case, they should do well for pioneering type duties for either the Grand Duchy of Stollen or the Electorate of Zichenau once we are again in a house with the space necessary for a semi-permanent wargaming table.  I am making it a priority to stage a game based on a Charles S. Grant scenario of one kind or another when that (eventually) happens.

-- Stokes

A closer in shot of the 1st company, led by its stalwart NCO gesturing with his cane, along with the mounted officer.  This group of figures is equipped with shovels, picks, and a lone hayfork in the back.

A less good shot of the 2nd company, consisting of men carrying gabions, boards, a ladder, axes, and a few adzes plus another wheelbarrow and a bucket of water.


Si Bath said...

Hi Stokes,
A great job as usual. Great colour scheme as opposed to the more normal blue; I like it. They look very business like!
Best regards,

Stryker said...

You've done a fantastic job there Stokes! I hope the move goes without too much stress and that all the little fellas arrive safely...

MSFoy said...

Super - a fine body of men. Makes me wonder if they could turn their hand to building some raised beds for me, since my wife has another "project" coming up, to make sure I don't get to put my feet up.

Conrad Kinch said...

Looking good Stokes. Best of luck with the move.


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