27 June 2015

General de Latte. . .

"Who cares about the tortuous Stollenian artillery bombardment of our center!  It's time for some coffee and a pastry or a cookie."  De Latte and di Biscotti confer during my 2013 refight of David Barnes' Battle of the Elbow River.

Here's photograph especially for Tony.  It's General Phillipe de Latte (at left) and his lickspittle of an ADC Major Paolo di Biscotti (at right).  Once we are in a house again, and a new Zum Stollenkeller has been set up, these RSM95 figures will be replaced by a couple of Minden castings that currently reside in one of the packing cases lining the rear wall of my bedroom closet.

-- Stokes


MSFoy said...

Excellent! - if you replace these with new Mindens, presumably the extant figures will just have a personality transplant? You wouldn't - you wouldn't - er - hurt or upset them, would you? These are very endearing - even the aide.

Thanks for showing these. As a friend of mine used to say (to our eternal embarrassment in pubs), fabbaroony!

Regards - Tony

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Thank you for your kind words, Tony! Yes they will have a personality transplant with de Latte becoming the socially challenged Marshal de Savoir-Faire and his sidekick the perpetually tipsy and dissipated Captain di Limoncello.

Best Regards,


paulalba said...

They are lovely Stoke, full of character. so you will be retiring them in the near future?

Scheck said...

Really two gentlemen, regardless the danger of a bombardment... this are heroes!
Fine figures, very fine!!


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