25 June 2015

'Action!' Refight Mid-August 2008. . .

The opening positions in my refight of Charles Grant's 'Action!' in mid-August 2008.  The Army of Zichenau, commanded by the ill-tempered General Phillipe de Latte, is in the foreground while the Army of Stollen, commanded by General von Drosselmaier (or perhaps General von Tschtschke?), is just visible in the distance to the east of Pelznikkel Village.

Here come a couple of golden oldie photographs that have been given a little editing help in Photoshop Elements.  This was the inaugural action fought on my then just completed wargaming table in mid-August 2008, using the figures I had on hand at that time.  Enjoy!

-- Stokes

A closer in shot of the initial Zichenauer positions just to the west of Pelznikkel VIllage.


Conrad Kinch said...

An elegant and edifying spectacle Stokes. I wish you many more.

Love those coloured tents.

David Bagnall said...

Superb! A real inspiration. Incidentally, you make no mention of Zvezda plastic figures; they are superb and they fit exactly with the revell figures.


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