21 June 2015

A Few Old Photographs. . .

 Three squadrons of the Anspach-Bayreuth Curassiers.  The figures are RSM95.

 The Action at Zollamtstadt Bridge, fought in late December 2007.

The commander of Stollen's cavalry arm, Count Pavel Petrovich von Butinski, who always has a piece of unsolicited advice whether those around him want it, or not.

 A close-up of two Holger Eriksson figures, painted as, more or less, Von Trumbach Dragoons.

The surrender of the odious General de Latte (in dark blue at left) to Stollen's rather flamboyant General von Tschatschke (wearing pink) at the conclusion of the epic Battle of Theodorstal Valley, fought in August 2010.

A nicely done map of my campaign area, done for me by Tyler Provich in late 2006.  The green 'Disputed Territory' is the long contested Duchy of Schleiz, an area rich in game, timber, and other natural resources.

Three squadrons of the von Trumbach Dragoons.  The figures are from Holger Eriksson, purchased while we were in Berlin during the summer of 2009 (before the Young Master arrived).  Their journey was circuitous.  I placed the order with Spencer Smith Miniatures in the U.K.  They were next sent from Stockholm to us in Berlin, and then carried home to the U.S. in our carry-on baggage at the conclusion of our visit.  German airport personnel are never suspicious of miniature soldiers and always have a smile and a few interested words for model soldier collectors. . .  quite unlike U.S. customs and gate agents.

-- Stokes


Robbie Rodiss said...

Morning Stokes,
Thats a lovely regiment of RSM cuirsassiers you have there.
Well done.

CelticCurmudgeon said...

My Dear Heinz-Ulrich, Greetings!

It is with some confidence that I express the hope and opinion that everything is going well since your efforts with your move. As you know, beyond one's personal death, serious illness, and the death of one's loved ones, there is a degree of emotional trauma from moving one's job and moving one's residence. Even the effort of settling into a new academic set of surroundings can have its stressful moments. How good it is to see that you can share with us some of the pictures from past blogging efforts as well as your recollection of how a certain regiment of dragoons made it to your painting table.

Thank you again for presenting a literate and well designed blog. Your choice of photos never ceases to captivate the imagination about what the games played must have been like.

My very best wishes for a wonderful summer off-season before the new academic year commences.

Gerardus Magnus
Archbishop Emeritus


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