24 May 2015

Noodling around with Photoshop. . .

 Stollen's Leib (Grand Duchess Sonja's Own) Grenadiers and the 3rd (Trakehner) Dragoons on their way to support General von Tschatschke's right flank during the August 2013 refight of David Barne's Battle of the Elbow River.  The figures shown are from a number of different manufacturers.

Austrian, er, um, Zichenauer engineer officers in a heated debate about where under that nearby bridge might be the best place to place explosive charges.  Minden figures.

Meanwhile, the local aristocracy enjoys a picnic with dancing and frolicking in a wooded glen a couple of miles away.  Jackdaw figures.

Back on the battlefield, a unit of infantry, temporarily on loan to the Electorate of Zichenau from the Free and Hanseatic City of Luebeck and now part of General Phillipe de Latte's invading army, moves into place.  RSM95 figures.

Stollenian officers interrogate a captured Zichenauer officer.  "Tell us what we want to know, or for you it is. . .  the Comfy Chair!"  Minden figures with the addition of one each from Fife&Drum and Eureka.

Another shot from behind Stollenian lines with Revell plastics in the foreground, more RSM95 and Revell in the middle distance, and figures by Minden, Holger Eriksson, and RSM95 in the background.  The gun atop the hill at right is from the MiniFigs SYW range.

From a nearby ridge, von Seydlitz and ol' Fred take notes and discuss the developing battle. "No, no, no!  They're doing it all wrong.  His cavalry should be concentrated on the flanks of the front line, and his guns should be massed on that low heights over there!  Who on earth told these charlatans and poseurs that they had any tactical aptitude?"


Dave said...

Oh happy days indeed, a glorious shiny parade of characters

Andy McMaster said...

Some good noodling there!

Paul Robinson said...

I do like that Dresden porcelain quality you bring to your figures

David said...

A splendid collection - and good photography too.

I am envious of both! :-)




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