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Happy Thanksgiving from the Grand Duchy of Stollen!

The noble turkey, which Benjamin Franklin wanted to see made the national bird, sadly gets the short end of the stick on the fourth Thursday in November each year in the United States.  Gobble, gobble!

A quiet, relaxed day here at Stollen Central for the Grand Duchess, Young Master Paul, and yours truly.  The turkey goes into the oven in a little while, and most everything else is ready to be warmed/cooked later this afternoon.  The table is ready for setting, and we all have fancy clothes laid out to dress for a 5:30pm supper here at home.  Today, all is right with our little world.

Meanwhile, down here in Zum Stollenkeller, I am snatching a few minutes to myself to continue work on cutting and sanding the edges of various 3/32" thick bass bass wood bases in irregular shapes for those command vignettes I've been dabbling with the last week or so.  A not unpleasant task given that each base will be chock-a-block with various Minden, RSM, and Fife & Drum mounted officers, staff figures, and personalities.  With any luck at all, I'll get them tacked down to their bases and slap a couple of base coats of white acrylic gesso on them tomorrow.  And then the fun part can begin.

This weekend, will also see me move the wargaming table into the recently redesignated "cat-safe" room just behind me, where the figures and scenery can be laid out once again and left safely without fear of curious and playful paws wreaking havoc.  Keep a look-out here for a few new photos in the next several days.  And to all United States citizens who visit the Grand Duchy of Stollen blog from time to time, have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving wherever in the world you might find yourselves.


Bluebear Jeff said…
And may I wish you and your family a most "Happy Thanksgiving" to you as well, sir.

-- Jeff
tradgardmastare said…
A happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from all at the Duchy of Tradgardland!
Big Andy said…
So are you a "turkey plucker" - we Brits don't do Thanksgiving but have a Good one Dude !
Ken said…
Thank you, sir. I hope you and yours had a happy and blessed Thanksgiving (mine was the best in years, and they have all been good).
My Dear Ulrich,

Has the infection which is currently afflicting me also attacked you? You seem to be in a mild hallucinatory state. You do know in your deepest recesses of consciousness that there is absolutely no room which is "cat proof." These oft times familiars of the devil tend to be the smartest, cleverest and most fiendish of all domesticated creatures. They have not been domesticated but merely allow us to coexist in their world - as long as they are fed and else wise catered to by the humans who surround them.
Hoping that the delusion dissipates, I remain,
Your servant,
Gerardus Magnus

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