04 January 2010

A Frigid Monday Morning Here in Zum Stollenkeller!!!

The Grand Duchess and Yours Truly in December 2008 when we visited the Lapham Peak Nordic Ski Area outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin just before Christmas for a day of incredible skiing, followed by a delicious lunch, more skiing in the afternoon, and a hearty dinner at a nearby Greek restaurant. Lots of snow in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan so far this season, but we'll have to take a raincheck for a few years I fear. Parenthood trumps skiing and excellent snow conditions it would seem.

Brrrrr. It's 0 degrees Fahrenheit outside right now, and Zum Stollenkeller has a decidedly chilly feel to it this early morning. So, I'm bundled up in my heavy bathrobe with a mug of hot coffee, trying to become sleepy again and return to bed, following a 3:30am feeding with Young Master Paul. Sadly, it's almost 6:30 now, so I fear that I'll need to throw in the towel and just get on with things. Sigh. Slightly less than three hours of sleep last night. Baby -- 1000, Stokes -- 0!

Time is such a funny thing. All of the sudden, now that we are past the 1st of the year, it seems like Christmas and Christmas week were months ago. Of course, it's not helped by the fact that we usually de-decorate about January 2nd or 3rd each year, and the house, which looked so festive on the first floor for a bit longer than two weeks, now appears slightly spartan without the trees, wreath, and stockings hung by the chimney with care. But, as I told Young Master Paul during an afternoon discussion between him and me in the living room yesterday, it's only about 49 weeks until we do it all again! And frankly, after a month of festivity, good food, and excitement, it's nice to settle into the relative, though bitterly cold, calm of January.

And so, to the painting. I managed to start those Garrison artillery crew this weekend. Not a great deal to show for my efforts quite yet though. But that old, bottomless tin of Humbrol British Rifle Green performed swimmingly yet again. I hope to take an early progress photo this afternoon, to show how things are going so far. Although the uniforms for this batch of figures will be based on those purportedly worn by Von Kleist's artillery contingent, I'm going to jazz up my figures just a bit and give them lighter green facings and turnbacks, which should stand out well against the dark green of their coats and breeches. I'll also give them some gold lace on the edges of their tricorns and maybe on their waistcoats. Certainly for the three battery officers, two on foot and one mounted. Sometimes, you just need to exercise a little artistic license. And since my growing armies are largely imaginary, that's not so terrible.

Ok, it's back to bed for a couple of hours now. Maybe I can get some shut-eye before the Grand Duchess and Young Master Paul rise. Wish me luck.

Later. . .

Does anyone know what has happened to the wonderful Blasthof Blog? It seems to have disappeared in the last 24+ hours.


Peter said...

Good luck!


Der Alte Fritz said...

The von Kliest artillery crew men had light green turnbacks, if I recall correctly.

If you run out of green, the Reaper "Elven Green" is a nice dark green that provides good paint coverage.

You will look back on the sleeplessness one of these days, about 6 years from now, with fond feelings. It is hard right now but you will pass the test with flying colors.

Graham said...

It has apparently been taken down

Stokes Schwartz said...

Thank you, Peter and Graham! Jim, where have you found information on the uniforms worn by the Von Kleist Freikorps, please?

Bloggerator said...

Looks like it's been deleted - a shame really.



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