25 January 2010

Finished Cannon and Crew. . .

Holger Eriksson Charles XII cannon crewed by Garrison Prussian artillery figures, whose uniform here is based on that worn by the Von Kleist Freikorps artillery contingent.

Just a quick post this morning. I finally finished varnishing and touching up a few places on those two Holger Eriksson cannon yesterday evening and had time for a photograph. I didn't feel too pleased with these guns until I applied the usual glossy Future/Klear acrylic floor finish. Suddenly, almost as if by magic, they looked much better! Next up, it's the first 20-odd figures in that unit of Huzzah Miniatures. Chaaaaaarrrrrge!


Peter said...

a superb unit this. I wish them luck on the fields of Mars.


Fitz-Badger said...

They (the cannons and the crew) look great to me!
(although the swabs look a bit pristine ;) )

Paul said...

Hi Stokes
nice looking unit, i like the mix of garisson & H/E very old school,

I would like to recommend a new blog
by a very talented sculptor who has done work for Tradition Scandinavia

well worth checking out

tidders said...

Great stuff; ready to blow holes in the opposition

-- Allan


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