26 January 2010

The Cold Has Returned to the Grand Duchy of Stollen!!!

This late Christmas gift finally arrived in the mail yesterday afternoon, but it was well worth the wait. Wow!

Yesterday's mail brought the above title to my hot little hands, and I can't say enough about it after a delightful evening spent in bed with a cup of coffee and the book in question. Suffice to say that the writing and quality of
Wargaming in History: The Seven Years War raises the bar considerably for all wargaming literature. Neither does it seem an overstatement to suggest that the book is just as engaging and charming as those two classics, held in such high regard by many of us, namely Charge! (1067) and The War Game (1971) . On a personal note, I think Charles Grant even surpasses those two works here. If you have not yet purchased Wargaming in History: The Seven Years War, do so at once. It is an amazing read and a feast for the eyes. Enough said.

On another note, I've just learned of a new blog, which might be of some interest to many of you visitors to the Grand Duchy of Stollen. Have a look at the Alte Zeit Figures blog, which details the sculpting, casting, and (hopefully?) sale of exquisitely proportioned and detailed 30mm miniatures in the style of the old Stadden range. The Seven Years War is one of the projects currently underway, and if the Prussian dragoon sculpting right now is anything to go by, I might have to see if I can eventually get some of these figures if and when they become available commercially.

Ok, I've got a baby to wake up and feed breakfast. Enjoy your day wherever in the world you find yourself!


Bluebear Jeff said...

So, did you like the book?

-- Jeff

Die alte Aechzener said...

Curses! You fiend! I could resist, when I saw Alte Fritz lauding this to the skies, and I just about managed to steel myself to ignore the second glowing review, but ... alas for my poor flat pocketbook, I couldn't resist a 3rd blandishment.

Now to expect arrival for a couple of weeks, agog with anticipation ....

tidders said...

Yep ! great book. Had it in time for Xmas and kept looking at it again and again ..

That new figure range looks promising, have to keep any eye on developments

-- Allan

Paul said...

You would make a great salesman Stokes,
ordered my copy today along with the war game



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