29 January 2010

Painting Commences on Regiment of Huzzah Miniatures. . .

The 10th (Grand Duke Paul's) Regiment of Infantry -- known in the Stollenian army as the Fightin' 10th -- starts to take shape on the painting table. Obviously, they are named for our son, Young Master Paul, who was born late in the tenth month of 2009.

Just a quick post for now. Above is a photograph I took last night, showing the first company plus all officers, NCOs, musicians, and standard bearer glued temporarily to plastic bottle caps. They have been base-coated with black acrylic gesso, undercoated with black acrylic paint, had all fleshtone applied, and all green bases painted.

For added stability, I glued the mounted officer and his fleet-footed steed to a lozenge-shaped piece of thin plywood from an assorted bag of craft bits and pices of, well, thin plywood that I purchased a few years ago at Michael's, a chain of craft stores here in the United States that smell like cheap cinnamon scented candles and bayberry poupurie when you open the door. If you can stomach this potent, albeit artificial aroma for more than a few moments at a time, Michael's does sell all kinds of stuff that might have some potential use to wargamers, everything from paints and brushes, to balsa wood, foamcore board, glue and adhesives, hobby knives and blades, and so forth. But I digress!

As for this evening, it's yellow wasitcoats/vests and, time permitting, red facings and turnbacks. I'll say more about just how I like to paint faces tomorrow when I have a bit more time. I haven't forgotten your question from the other day, Jim. Until later then!


A J said...

I'm sure the young Grand Duke will be the proud inhaber of the regiment.

Der Alte Fritz said...

I always like to paint at least one figure of a new unit from start to finish. This gives me some insights into how easy or difficult the figure will be to paint. Plus it provides me with a sort of painting guide for the rest of the figures in the group and serves as inspiration to finish the other figures.

Frankfurter said...

So now, they're a legion of darkness?


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