05 January 2008

Are those headquarters tents you spy?

Not much happening here in the Grand Duchy of Stollen today, but I did finish the two headquarter tents this afternoon. They still need a few careful touch-ups here and there, plus a coat or two of Future floor polish, but by and large, there you are. The Stollenian tent is on the left and the Zichenauer tent is on the right, each in national colors.

ALso shown are the treacherous Zichenauer -- General Philip de Latté -- and his immediate subordinate -- the Austrian mercenary General Paul von Gherkin -- to dress the scene a bit.

I’ve also got another squadron of nine Spencer Smith cavalry trimmed of mold lines and all ready for a base coat of artists’ acrylic gesso, followed by the usual black undercoat. Maybe I can do the first step later this evening. Might I be able to finish the squadron by next Saturday? I certainly hope so, but we’ll have to see. The new semester is gearing up, and there are the usual syllabi to update, meetings, classes to plan, and so forth. Cross your fingers! . .


abdul666 said...


These HQ tents will not pass unnoticed!

Happily, shooting at the enemy High Man was totally alien to the Lace Wars ethos (rather, you sent Him compliments, fine wines, venaison and pastries).

Best regards,

tradgardmastare said...

Love the tents - we must get some in Tradgardland....

tradgardmastare said...

Decided to take your advice and have sent off for some Holger Erikkson samples to try and paint up! Depending upon results I may raise a unit within the month.

tidders said...

I do like those tents, very colourful.

-- Allan


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