29 May 2007

White Out Conditions in The Grand Duchy of Stollen!

And I don't mean a blizzard! After three painting sessions (about six hours total) over two days, the whites are finally done. Thank goodness! Painting the shoulder belts was a chore. Many times, I had to rinse and wet the brush to remove “mistakes” – small areas where the thinned white paint had run outside its black defined lines. Then there was the time when I dropped a brush with bristles full of white paint. Yes, I had to touch up one blue coat and a red turnback – #@%$&*$#!!! Still, I’m pleased with the final results and have turned three figures around to show the rear detail. It will get easier from here on. Drop by tomorrow to see how our next step is going when I paint the musket stocks, barrels, bayonets, plus the officer’s gorget and spontoon. See you then!

1 comment:

Bluebear Jeff said...

I think that the Grand Duchess Sonja will be quite impressed and pleased with the excellence of her regiment.

-- Jeff


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