26 May 2007

To: The Duchy of Alzheim and Frankzonia

My Dear Duke of Alzheim and Honourable Highness of Frankzonia,

On behalf of Irwin-Amadeus II of the Grand Duchy of Stollen, I extend the sincerest and most heartfelt wishes to you and your respective subjects. Our Grand Duke trusts this letter finds you both well, in good health, and enjoying equally favorable relations with your subjects.

In light of the troubling recent developments farther to the west in apocryphal 18th century Europe, our ministers feel the most urgent need to contact you with the aim of strengthening the diplomatic and trade relations between our respective territories. The Grand Duchy of Stollen has no wish for war at the moment with any royal houses further a field. Indeed, we fear trouble is brewing closer to home, where the Electorate of Zichenau is concerned, right on our own doorstep. You may have heard of the recent suspected presence of Zichenauen agents, in fact military officers from that country, in Stollen through the press or diplomatic circles.

Given the small size and unprepared nature of the Stollenian army, we feel it would be in our best interest to avoid war at this time. With that concern in mind, we would like to exchange ambassadors and, before too much time has elapsed in the coming summer months, merchant retinues with both Alzheim and Frankzonia.

Further, we would like to discuss the possibility of establishing a trade and customs union with your territories that might also eventually include the Duchy of Mieczyslaw and the Electorate of Vulgaria. Stollenian ministers feel that such a block of countries, linked in a loose diplomatic and trade confederation, would be much less likely to be drawn into a wider apocryphal European conflict between more prominent political players like Gallia and Hesse-Seewald.

Of course, we have no wish to borrow trouble. By the same token though, the Grand Duchy of Stollen wishes to avoid war with and possible occupation by another country, or, indeed, a group of allied countries. We trust you understand our concerns.

Please indicate at your earliest possible convenience your interest in establishing the diplomatic and trade ties we propose. In the meantime, I remain your most humble servant.

With Sincerest Regards,

Udo Dirkschneider von Pfeffernu╬▓e

Foreign Minister for the Grand Duchy of Stollen

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