27 May 2007

"Red skies at night. . ."

“Red skies at night (red skies at night) – Whoa-oh (whoa-oh) – Whoa-oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. . . “. If you remember that cool song by The Fixx from late 1982-early 1983, my hat’s off to you. Why aren't there any groups writing songs like that anymore? Sigh.

Anyway, that’s just what I’m seeing after completing ALL of the red parts of the final batch of Stollen’s Leib (Gand Duchess Sonja’s Own) Grenadiers, during several shorter painting sessions last night, today, and this evening. Everything red – breeches, collars, cuffs, turnbacks, vests, counter epaulettes, and the cloth part at the rear of each mitre cap-- has had a good coat or two of GW Blood Red. In an earlier post, I mentioned that Step #2 was all done. Well, let’s call the most recent sessions Step# 2a. Whew!

For those who are curious about the equipment I’ve used to paint these RSM grenadiers the last few days, I’ve used a synthetic bristle #2 round brush for most of the work, and a smaller synthetic #1 round to finish up the front of the coats. For the collars, I used my sable #001 brush, which has slightly long bristles and holds a fantastic point, perfect for reaching into those tight spots -- like between the left shoulder, upright musket, and left cheek/jaw of these RSM figures.

All colors, except the flesh, are acrylics by Games Workshop, which have amazing coverage properties. Even over a black undercoat. For flesh color, I like Winsor&Newton "Griffin" alkyd color. It's similar to oil-based paints, but dries to the touch in 24 hours. Ideal, in my opinion, for northern European fleshtones. I've had the same 60ml (2 U.S. ounces) for almost seven years and have hardly put a dent in it. I imagine that I'll eventually pass the tube onto the next generation of figure painters in the family. ;-)

Tomorrow, I enter my “blue period” (hee, hee), and it’s on to the light blue coats with the one red coat for the drummer. Then, we’re into the home stretch as far as I’m concerned. See you then!


That “Old School” pull (some might call in black magic) is too much to resist! Almost forgot to mention that I’m placing a small order for some Spencer Smith and Holger Eriksson cavalry later in the week, which I’ll have shipped to Berlin for the Grand Duchess Sonja to bring along when she returns home in July.


East Riding Militia said...

They are looking good, I wist I could see the detail well enough on the RSM figures to paint it in as you have!


Snickering Corpses said...

Very good indeed. You've picked out details here and there in the last batch that I didn't even know were there.

MurdocK said...

A real labor of love going there, should be a fantastic looking unit when completed.


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