13 May 2007

Now we're getting somewhere!

Well, after about three hours of carefully painting around other figure parts, the basic light blue color on the coats of Stollen's Leib (Grand Duchess Sonja's Own) Grenadiers is finished. Whew!

Now these babies are starting to look like something. Finally. Still, there remain musket stocks, barrels, and bayonets, yellow lace, silver fronts on the mitres, white whale bones on the rear of same, and a few other details to pick out in black, brass, or light brown. But I feel like the back of this project leg has been broken.

Should be able to finish things up in the next few evenings, take a break for a night or two, and then get moving on the third company of this regiment. Who knows? I might just make my self-imposed May31st deadline. Cross your fingers!

1 comment:

Grimsby Mariner said...

It's the belts and straps that always get me down. that and painting large areas of black. But those grenadiers are very handsome.


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