22 May 2007

Let's Take a Break!

Taking a pause from the RSM grenadiers this (Monday) evening. Instead, I cut out 80 lozenge-shaped card bases and glued them to the 80 Revell Austrian SYW figures, comprising the next painting project. These bases give the plastic figures better stability and also call to mind, albeit, unintentionally, the bases of Spencer Smith infantry, helped by the pose of this particular figure -- marching with the musket resting on the left shoulder. Tomorrow evening, I’ll start back on the RSM’s, beginning with the faces and hands of Company C. . . and perhaps the white wigs if those first two tasks go quickly.


Snickering Corpses said...

They're remarkably good en masse, especially. I'll be interested to see how you paint them up when the time comes.

Poruchik said...

Very nice prep work, I'm curious about how the paint will hold up on the musket tips and bayonets where the fles will be maximum.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Very impressive . . . and you are right, they do remind one of the Spencer-Smiths with the musket slanted over the left shoulder.

-- Jeff

tidders said...

Very nice looking parade, how many boxes of revell Austrians did you use ?

Allan (Wittenberg)

Stokes Schwartz said...

Thanks for the compliments, men!

I used 7 boxes of Revell SYW Austrain infantry for the 69 infantry figures with musket on the left shoulder, representing enlisted men, four company sergeants, and an RSM. Five officers on foot, four drummers, and mounted colonel, and a MiniFig ensign round out the regimental compliment.

As for keeping the paint from peeling due to handling: a coat of artist's acrylic gesso for the basecoat, followed by an undercoat of black Liquitex acrylic. Both flex amazingly well. Then the normal painting using Games Workshop and Ral Partha acrylic paints.

For the musket barrels and baynets, officers' halberd tips, etc. I use Windsor & Newton artist's silver oil color. Oils wear like iron and maintian their flexibility. PLus, you can't beat the brilliance of oil colors and, in the case of metallics, the fine consistency of the pigment.

Finally, I follow this with a couple of coats of Future acrylic floor polish. That should do it.

Cross you fingers,



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