09 May 2007

"The Army of Frederick the Great" has Arrived!

The first edition of Christopher Duffy’s marvelous book arrived in the mail yesterday, and it’s chock full of interesting and useful information about Frederick’s army. While I’ve been advised by Bill Protz over at the OSW discussion board that later editions contain much new and reworked material, I’m happy with my purchase of this used copy. At under $14 US, who can complain? I’ll ask for a new copy of Mr. Duffy’s book for my birthday in November -- just so I’ve got the more complete edition of his work. At any rate, there is all sorts of stuff I can use as a basis for fleshing out the Grand Duchy of Stollen campaign. So, I spent only an hour painting white gaiters last evening, followed by THREE hours reading in bed before turning out the light. Fascinating stuff!


Snickering Corpses said...

It is indeed full of very cool ideas. I got a good bit of inspiration out of it. Have you seen the layout of the battalion and platoon formations?

69 is the platoon, 84-87 has the battalion formation and some of the various movement and deployment drills. (1st edition pages only, 2nd edition pages are different)

Bluebear Jeff said...

Rather than get the second edition, you might want to get one of Duffy's other books (don't think that it matters which -- as far as I know they are all good).

Ask at "Old School" and see what is recommended most.

-- Jeff

Stokes Schwartz said...

Hi Jeff,

Wel, that tears it! I guess I'll have to ask the Grand Duchess for DUffy's book on Maria Theresa's army or another one of his books. I really like the current one! Glad to have you back.

Best Regards,



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