09 May 2007

Another RSM Paiting Update

Here’s another photo update of the second company of RSM95 grenadiers. In the last two evenings, I’ve managed to get a coat of white on the gaiters and a really nice coat of red on the breeches. If you squint, you can also make out the NCO figure at the right rear of the picture. Before I quit for the evening, I painted his turnbacks and the visible parts of the red lining on the captain’s coat. Tomorrow, I tackle the other 16 figures and maybe paint the vests red too. Then it’s on to the white shoulder belts and the light blue coats.

Although the Grand Duchess Sonja is now ensconced in Berlin, my painting progress has remained slow due to the spring term course I’m currently teaching – The Art of Film Noir: German Expressionism, Italian Neo-Realism, and American Hard-boiled Fiction. This is the third time I’ve taught a version of the course -- one I've developed myself, thank you very much -- and judging by the class discussions they have following the film viewing, my current crop of students is enjoying the material.

The rub is that it’s a 3.5 week course that meets for three hours daily, Monday through Friday. We cover a semester’s worth of material (15 weeks) in less than a month, which means lots of reading and preparation every evening. So, I’ve snatched an hour or so here and there, but until June 1st, it’s not going to be as much time at the painting table as I’d like. Sigh. But, I shouldn’t complain too much, I suppose. After all, in another few weeks, I'll have 2.5 months off to paint and write. So, life ain't all that bad! ;-)


Bluebear Jeff said...

It is really amazing how much can be accomplished in those few snatched "short hours".

It doesn't really seem like all that much gets done in any one session . . . and suddenly you're finished.

It will be a few weeks yet before I can get to my painting table. We have to get all of milady wife's portion of the house finished first (as it should be).

But I'm certainly looking forward to when I can get started on my own RSMs.

-- Jeff

Duchess of Schleiz said...

Ahh, the Grand Duchess is quite pleased at the progress being made on her men, even with snatched hours here or there. (We wouldn't want the cat to feel too neglected after all).

She hopes that Irwin-Amadeus shapes up and masticates on something a little closer to home like smoked cod.


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