27 January 2007

Dragoon Update

Several free hours to myself today meant that I could get lots of dragoon parts painted. Besides red breeches, light blue saddlecloths with yellow edging, mid-brown leather bags at the right rear of each saddle, and grey greatcoats/blankets, you'll notice that I painted the flag cravat, coat of arms, and gold fringe as well as the gold finial. Oh, and Colonel Von Cranz now has gold edging on his tricorn while the captain of Squadron A (hidden here) has yellow edging on his headgear. Tomorrow, the horses!


Bluebear Jeff said...

It is nice to see how these develop. They look better every day.

-- Jeff

Anonymous said...

Excellent. I am in the middle of 3 Reicharmee regiments to support my Austrians and when I have finished those I intend to start on 2 regiments of dragoons each 32 figures strong. Followed your suggestion and bought the boxes from Peter at PB Toys in Germany. Great service.

Regards, Guy


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