23 December 2018

T-Minus 11 Hours or So. . .

One of several classic wargaming photographs that has stayed with me for 30+ years, providing a hint of today's planned hobby activity.

Well, Sir. . .  The Grand Duchess and Young Master return home from Chicago in about 11 hours.  It is 9:59am right now as I write this post.  Coffee and cats at the moment.  Still much to do, including a quick and hopefully final run to the supermarket for a couple of last minute things, dusting snow from and putting away the back porch furniture (I know, I know. . . ), as well as assembling a couple of dishes and a pie for Christmas Eve Dinner.  

Lots to do in other words.  But, I also plan to attempt a Christmas-themed scene, based on the above picture, using my own figures, scenery, and perhaps a tiny bit of table salt here and there for some extra sparkle.  If all goes well, watch for a photograph here later this evening.

-- Stokes

1 comment:

Duke of Baylen said...

Merry Christmas to you and your kin.

I look forward to the photos



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