04 December 2012

Have you been good all the year long?

An understated though cheery seasonal image. . .  Another late Victorian or early Edwardian Santa Claus/Father Christmas in green robes trimmed with brown fur, arriving in his sleigh with toys and and other assorted goodies for the more pleasant children out there.

Assuming all visitors to the Grand Duchy of Stollen blog have been well-behaved boys and girls all year (of course), what's on your holiday or Christmas wishlist this year?  

In the figure department, there are three companies of RSM95 Austrian musketeers that I'd like to go with 16+ grenadiers in fur caps that I've had gathering dust here for a couple of years for another 80+ figure regiment.  80 figures??!!  Yes, I need my head examined.  Oh, and in addition, I want to add a 30-strong battalion of militia to the Grand Duchy of Stollen collection at some point in the next year, using the wonderful Fife and Drum Miniatures.  

Strangely, however, I have decided to exercise restraint and make things somewhat easier for the Grand Duchess this year by including no figures on my personal wishlist.  After all, I've got a small but respectable pile of unpainted lead and plastic in a few boxes here in Zum Stollenkeller that I need to get painted first before adding more stuff to the painting queue, er, um, ok. . .   painting backlog.  I also splurged on those two batches of Minden Prussian and Austrian staff figures after my birthday last month, so I've got enough on my painting plate for the time being and feel very fortunate already.  

BUT. . .  there are various recent Charles Grant titles on this year's Christmas wishlist as well as that recent Digby Smith title on SYW uniforms and, longer term, Henry Hyde's forthcoming The Wargaming Compendium, which is not yet available, though it has had a place of honor on my Amazon wishlist for a year or more.  Hopefully, that will come out before too much longer.  But enough about me.  What about you visitors to the Grand Duchy of Stollen?  What hobby-related items (besides more time for painting and gaming) might you like for Christmas this year?


Bloggerator said...

A big pile of Ancients from Garrison, please Santa!


tidders said...

Wargamer's Annual - has been requested in a letter to Santa.

-- Allan


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