07 July 2010

Artists' Renderings of the Troops and Battlefield. . .

Here's a sketch, looking from east to west, of the Teodorstal Valley where it seems very likely a preliminary action will occur. In the foreground, you'll notice the Stollenian advance guard moving past Crampas Farm. In the middle distance is the village of Effibriest, while at the western end of the valley is the small village of Instetten. The eagle-eyed among you will also notice an alien ship, looking very Wellsian (Yep, we're really old school around here!), which has just landed on the southern edge of the valley, presumably to observe how gentlemen wage tabletop warfare in the latter third of the 18th Century.

Another artist's sketch, this time of the Stollenian advance guard, commanded by one Major Aegidius von Topfsange (in the yellow coat), consisting of a squadron of cuirassiers, a single gun and crew, and two companies of green-coated jaeger. Figures are RSM95, Revell plastics, and a cannon by MiniFigs.

Finally, here is a view of the Zichenauer advance guard, led by a Colonel Berend von Adalnowski (in white) just outside the village of Instetten. Remarkably, this force is very similar in composition to the Stollenians, however, the order of march is slightly different, The miniatures pictured here are by RSM95, Spencer Smith, Garrison, Holger Eriksson, and MiniFigs.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Wonderful setup, Stokes. I really like the look of everything.

Is that lake painted on? or is it laid onto the terrain board?

In either case, it looks grand . . . as do the buildings and the hills.

-- Jeff

Stokes Schwartz said...

Thanks, Jeff! I'm pretty well pleased with everything myself. I've never had a table this large set up before either. Stay tuned.

Best Regards,


tradgardmastare said...

Wonderful & inspirational as ever...
I love the Wellsian Tripod too!
Can't wait to see more...
best wishes

Peter said...


these couple of wonderful pictures of your amazing set-up really rises expectations as to what is to come and I'm looking forward to the clash of the main bodies of both forces.

PS: everybody knows the tripodal Martians have been keeping an eye on us since ages, trying to steal our battlefield tactics and technologies so they can use them to conquer the universe.

Phil Olley said...

Very enticing Stokes. Let battle commence!

ColCampbell50 said...


We also see "Martian tripods" on our battlefields. We keep joking that one day we'll incorporate them into the action. Since we had a medieval game a long time ago that featured carnivorous bugs from outer space, it isn't too far fetched.

Looking forward to the continued action - GO STOLLEN!!


Stokes Schwartz said...

Thanks for your encouraging remarks everyone. Hopefully, there will be no death rays from that Martian ship before battle commences in earnest!

Best Regards,


Fitz-Badger said...

Wonderful renditions!


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