08 July 2008

A New Book Is on the Way!

Yes, this book is on its way to Zum Stollenkeller from Caliver Books in the United Kingdom, and I can’t wait. What with all of the discussion of campaigns here and over at the Old School Wargaming Yahoo group the last few days, how could I avoid purchasing the book any longer? Especially, when the author himself mentioned that it was still in print and available in a post at OSW earlier today. Now, I just have to sit on my hands and wait for the book to arrive.

On the painting front, I’m working slowly and methodically through the red facings and turnbacks. Did the white shirt cuffs that peek our from the ends of the figures’ sleeves yesterday afternoon before salsa dancing class. It’s amazing how little things like this will suddenly make a bunch of figures come alive. Hope to have this all wrapped up by later this evening along with a photo update or two tomorrow morning.

Dance class went well yesterday evening. Our three instructors make it look so easy with their (apparently) effortless, fluid, and rapid movements. Needless to say, it’s a different story for many of us in the class, although the Grand Duchess does quite well. We finally started getting it (salsa is done in ¾ time) near the end of the hour, which simply flew by. I was finally able to get Sonja to let me lead and was able to spin her out, around, and pull her back in without either of us losing our count or messing up our foot placement. I’m looking forward to next week. Shhh, don’t tell Sonja!


MiniWargamer said...

I hope you love the book. When I got mine (used) I didn't realize it was written by the son of....

Some friends and I are getting ready to try a WW2 campaign based on the articles in Battlegames on the Race to the Rhine. Maybe there's a campaign bug or something in the water.

Martin said...

Hi Stokes,

You'll really enjoy "Wargame Campaigns". It's chock full good stuff; so take your time and savor every page. I ordered my own copy from OMM, lo these many years ago, and have just about read the print off the pages! "Scenarios For All Ages" is also worth the investment.



Bluebear Jeff said...

Yes, in North America the book is available (as Martin mentioned) from "On Military Matters":


In the U.K. it can be purchased from "Caliver Books":


Interestingly enough I got my copy from OMM just a few days ago.

-- Jeff

Steve said...

..I agree with Martin on the "scenario's" book - just got it...

...the Grant Campaigns book is a *must* have, my campaign rules are based almost entirely on information gleaned from the book over many years - move distances, logistics, all covered and in a very engaging manner - 10/10...

...having fought many campaigns over the years, and finished 99% of them, I have found the secret to be simplicity, and low numbers of participants - in fact I've never ever played a campaign with more than 2 participants (including myself!)

...I would also recommend wholeheartedly a visit to the "Berthier" page - which is a campaign assistant program - it takes a lot of pain out of the set up and running, and also removes the need for an umpire as it handles scouting and visibility itself... there's a link from my main page.


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