11 December 2012

Red Plaid Pajamas. . .

Here's an image that is totally new to me, and Santa Claus in traditional green robes is always a good thing.

Red plaid pajamas are sometimes just the thing.  And they definitely have that Christmasy look to them.  No, fellows, no tweeds this morning.  I'm enjoying the first mug of coffee at the computer down here in Zum Stollenkeller in. . .   my pajamas.  Rest easy though.  You won't be bombarded with photographs of that.  Even yours truly has some weird sense of propriety!

Today, student papers and a brief (??!!) appointment at the eye doctor's.  And hey, I might toss on another tweed jacket for that since it is on the nippy side here at Stollen Central this morning.  No plus fours however!

This afternoon, it's back to those Fife & Drum officers, who need a little touching up of their blue facing colors before I move on to to the tiny details in earnest.  And if the American War of Independence interests you, pop in over at the Fife and Drum blog, because there are some stunning new examples of Continentals and rebel militia in buckskin hunting shirts for you to ogle.

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