03 December 2008

Weary and winding down the semester. . .

So, of course, that means that I've come down with a nasty little cold bug, doesn't it! Decided to cancel classes today and remain in bed after a restless night along with a scratchy throat, slight fever, and head congestion. Seem to be a bit better now and have just enjoyed a slice of pizza along with a glass of orange juice. But, as I said to the Grand Duchess, it's better to be sick now than later in the month over Christmas, which happened the year I was in the first grade (1973-74). No fun there!

But, getting back to our pre-Christmas graphics. . . The picture above is suitably seasonal in a New Englandy sort of way. Although I've never had the chance to ride in a horse-drawn sleigh, it has always seemed like it would be great fun. Where I grew up, in rural southeastern Pennsylvania, there was a family nearby, who had a sleigh that they hitched to their ponies whenever there was enough snow (pretty often between December and March). We used to hear their sleigh bells jingling in the early evening as they trotted the team down Conrad Road and up the next hill past my grandparents' house. It was pretty magical to a young boy and makes for a lovely memory now. Ok, back to the sickbed with me!

Addendum. . .

For those of you who like your figures old school, drop by John Preece's Flanderkin Serjeant blog (link at right) and check out the Holger Eriksson infantry and cavalry photograhs that he has posted recently. They are mouthwatering to say the very least! And looking at these lovely figures makes me almost forget how crummy I feel today.


Bluebear Jeff said...

I'm sorry that you're not feeling well, Stokes. And I'm certainly wishing you a speedy recovery.

-- Jeff

tradgardmastare said...

hope you are feeling better as you read this.
Are you sure you weren't hearing the White Witch with her reindeer pulling the sledge? I believe her sleigh bells have entranced many a youth. Are you partial to Turkish Delight?
best wishes

Captain Brummel said...

Too much swaggering and dashing in the snow eh Stokes?
Well, in the Hussars we used to swear by "A hot bath, a good whisky and a comfy bed" against feeling low. Twenty years later this still works for me. Feel much better the next day.
Get well soon old boy.


A J Matthews said...

I hope you feel better soon, Stokes. I had a cold over all last Christmas and it was no fun at all.

Fitz-Badger said...

Get well soon!
(orange juice with pizza!? yuck... lol)

Martin said...

Hey Stokes,

When I have a cold, I follow Mark Twain's advice: Find a Doctor that recommends a quart of Whiskey. Thank him profusely, then ask for a second opinion. When the second Doctor recommends the same thing, go out and purchase half a gallon!

Hope you feel better soon!



PS - Hey! You're not laying the groundwork for an excuse in case you lose the game to Jonathan are you?! Ha, ha, ha.

guy said...


Almostly certainly you are suffering from Man Flu which as we all know is 100% worse than a normal cold etc. Pizza in bed is just the ticket.

With regards to the sledge, my mother claims the only romantic gesture my father ever did was during a ski holiday in the Austrian Alps in the early 1970's. My father had arranged for a horse drawn sledge with bells, fur rugs etc to collect us from the hotel and take us to some restaurant in the woods. I won't say it was all downhill from there!

On a more positive point I have received some hussars from Will one of your visitors here. I have mixed them up with some of the new Hat 1806 hussars and hopefully 4 squadrons will shortly take the field. I'm still making my mind up as to which regiments. I also bought a box of the new hat 1806 prussian dragoons to see if they can be converted, possibly into horse grenadiers.



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