06 December 2008

Happy St. Nicholas Day Everyone!

Good morning everybody! We've had another dusting of snow in the night, and it's quite cold here today, so it seems appropriate to begin with this frosty image of a French St. Nick leaving a house after he has finished dropping off some treats for (presumably) well-behaved boys and girls.

Here's another image of (French) St. Nicholas too. I thought that it would be nice to post a couple of different images since I seem to have culled more than 31 of them from the vast dustbin (I'll use the British term here because it sounds a bit nicer than "garbage can") that is the web.

The Grand Duchess is not up yet, so she hasn't discovered her jogging shoes outside the bedroom door, which have a few small candy treats as well as a new glass ornament for her to add to the Christmas tree when we put it up in another ten days or so.

As for the continuing Action at Pickelhaubewicz, Jonathan and I will attempt a few turns today and tomorrow, but it might be a bit halting. He has company this weekend, and I'm tying up the last few details of that translation. But, this is the beauty of a (semi-) permanent wargaming table. The game can be left waiting until you have the time to finish it. In any case, we have some musketry combat to resolve, so there might be some photo updates later on. And this evening, I hope to do another couple of those RSM95 Prussian fusiliers. We'll see. Have a good day everyone!


Bluebear Jeff said...

And a very happy St. Nicholas Day to YOU too, my friend.

-- Jeff

tradgardmastare said...

hope the Duchess enjoyed the gifts and you had a good day. I too look forward to watching the game progress. I recall the joys of a permanent table but that was long ago and far away and I don't miss it too much actually .

Fitz-Badger said...

Looking forward to seeing the action continue! Sounds like you're feeling better (I hope).
Happy St. Nick Day to all!
Looks like I won't get any games going this year (I'll be away for the holidays), but my New Year's resolution is to start battling in 2009!


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