06 July 2008

A bit of headway on the painting front. . .

First, we have a picture update of those Revell Prussians I’ve been plugging away at until the wee hours of the morning. Here you can see Zichenau’s future battalion of pioneers in their newly issued mid-blue coats, breeches, and vests (waistcoats) along with a view from the rear. I’m enjoying the work on these figures. It seems to be progressing fairly rapidly. Next up are the musket stocks, red facings, and turnbacks. No collars for this unit, which makes my job a bit easier. Then, it’s on to the white shoulder belts and leather brown straps.

Next, the Grand Duchess and I rode 40 miles with about 50 other members from our bicycling club Friday morning for the annual July 4th Breakfast ride, which also included a big parade in the small town of Towanda, Illinois on old Route 66 (right next to Interstate 55). In the first four days of the month, we have ridden 133.32 miles. We actually have nearer 170+ miles for the last seven days -- Youch! Needless to say, today is a break day although I might do an hour on the trainer in the next room here in Zum Stollenkeller. We’ll see. You know, when you’re on a roll. . .

In response to yesterday’s campaign questions and your responses: Thanks! Yes, I guess it is highly detailed (never really thought about), but this is for a largely solo campaign effort, so. . . By the way, the primary language of the territories like Stollen, Zichenau, and Pillau-Reuss is a Low German dialect since the area we are talking is about is supposed to have been just to the northeast of Prussia. The nobility speak either French or a somewhat more cultivated variety of German. There is also a smattering of Polish, Lithuanian, and Russian spoken among the rural peasantry.

Depending on where one finds himself in my imaginary “statelettes”, the version of local Christianity is either some form of Lutheranism, Catholicism, or Russian Orthodoxy, again in keeping with the historical character of the region where the Grand Duchy of Stollen campaign is set. All of this is to lend some plausibility to the campaign, even if only in my own twisted mind. ;-)

Finally, I’ve updated the list of links to blogs where there has been particularly interesting work occurring of late since I inadvertently overlooked a few in the earlier list. Be sure to visit them if you haven’t already. If you don't see yours here, rattle my cage, and I'll add you to the list of "happening" imaginations.

* The Duchy of Alzheim: http://mavisming.blogspot.com/

* The Duchy of Mieczyslaw: http://mieczyslaw.blogspot.com/

* The Grand Duchy of Hetzenberg: http://hetzenberg.blogspot.com/

* The Kingdom of Hesse-Seewald: http://altefritz.blogspot.com/

* The Kingdom of Wittenberg: http://tidderskingdomofwittenberg.blogspot.com/

* The Landgraviate of Hesse-Fedora: http://hessefedora.blogspot.com/

* The Landgraviate of Ober-Schweinsberg: http://ober-schweinsberg.blogspot.com/

* The Principality of Saxe-Bearstein: http://saxe-bearstein.blogspot.com/

* The Soweiter League at: http://soweiterleague.blogspot.com/

* The Duchy of Tregaardland at: http://tradgardland.blogspot.com/

* David von Tippelbruder’s new Prussian garrison infantry standards at his Uniform Templates blog: http://nba-sywtemplates.blogspot.com/

See also the following blogs, which aren’t necessarily connected with the Emperor vs. Elector guys:

* Henry Hyde’s Battlegames blog at http://battlegames.wordpress.com/

* Frivelous Fusiliers at: http://frivolousfusiliers.blogspot.com/

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* Tarleton’s Quarter at: http://www.gilesallison.blogspot.com/

* Steve’s Random Musings on Wargaming: http://steve-the-wargamer.blogspot.com/

* Phil’s War Cabinet at: http://www.warcabinet.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/


tradgardmastare said...

good painting and cycling - I enjoyed the campaign chat of yesterday and look forward to see how it will develop. Do you have a currency for the Duchy of Stollen ? Szabo has an interesting exchange rate chart at the beginning of his syw history plus money in today's values too.
best wishes
p.s why not give the Duchy of Tradgardland a mention - perhaps too many tales for some tastes?

Fitz-Badger said...

I hesitate to suggest my own humble effort at
Hardly in a league (no pun intended) with the others you have mentioned. :-)

tradgardmastare said...

The Wittenberg link isnt working - perchance a typo ?

Snickering Corpses said...

*laughs* Well, you added Ober-Schweinsberg and Hesse-Engleburg dropped off the list. :>


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